secure-data-destruction-service 1
secure-data-destruction-service 1

Data Destruction

A key concern when shipping your devices for the disposal of electronic waste is the security of confidential data stored on the hard drives of your PCs, laptops and servers. To prevent information breach, we offer a 3X data destruction service on site right on your doorstep. Guaranteed 100 Tons of Security To ensure efficiency, we implement a two different stages of data destruction process to prevent critical data from leaving your facility.

Data Degaussing

Upon undertaking the primary step, we method your hard drives in heavy electromagnetic fields to get rid of any and all of the information that wasn’t destroyed in This Step similarly guarantees that the tool turns into unusable for any similarly cause accordingly making sure entire security.

Hard Disk Shredding

Finally, to ensure 100% security, we shred your hard drives to less than 5mm in size and manually separate them to retrieve usable material from the device.

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