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Electronic scrap includes electronic scrap that has been shown to be unsuitable for the originally intended use. Even those that have expired or have reached the end of their useful life are assigned to this waste. These typically include items such as computers, monitors, servers, CD mainframes, printers, copiers, scanners, calculators, battery cells, fax machines, cell phones, televisions, medical devices, transceivers, electronic components, air conditioning systems, refrigerators, etc. Valuable materials such as gold, Copper, platinum, silver etc. can be found. Electronic waste.

Although they are not dangerous in their original state, the dismantling and processing of these items poses serious risks to human (including animals) health and the environment. Once electronic and electrical equipment is turned into e-waste, it poses a serious hazard. Electronic products must be properly processed before they can be used. Some of the dangerous toxins they emit are cadmium, barium, lead, etc. They are extremely harmful to the human nervous and respiratory systems.

What do you do with your old smartphone or laptop when you buy a new one? Have you ever thought of properly disposing of them to avoid damaging the environment? Do you mind recycling them to help the economy and get these new items? Livelihood?

Waste collection and recycling is one of the greatest challenges of today. We help to dispose of electronic waste in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

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