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Be A Part Of Solution Not The Part Of Pollution!!

We at San Recyclers working on recycling e-waste to make the environment more ecological with our sustainable solutions with data security (by shredding).

We will schedule pick up service at your given site.

We will fully destroy or shred your data drive at your site right in front of your eyes.

Weighing e-waste material at your site then on our site.

Get instant receipt of your e-waste material from our site.


Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) Service for Extended Producer Responsibility

San Recyclers is an organizations to provide Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) services to help these manufacturers comply with their EPR guidelines. Pick up from your customers and ship to our factory responsible for recycling and disposal of your products. For further convenience, we provide manufacturers with required recycling certificates and a series of compliance documents that meet standards and regulatory guidelines

Reverse logistics

One of the main factors preventing manufacturers from complying with their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) guidelines and making their products easier to recycle is the logistics costs of collection, transportation, reuse, and responsible disposal. These costs are prohibitive because we operate extensively in India, provide customized return flow services, collect e-waste from customers’ doorsteps and deliver them directly to our facilities to simplify and solve manufacturers’ problems. Pick up within 96 hours of the pick-up schedule to ensure safe, reliable and responsible transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous e-waste through our channels.

Reverse Logistics

Data Destruction

A key concern when shipping your devices for the disposal of electronic waste is the security of confidential data stored on the hard drives of your PCs, laptops and servers. To prevent information breach, we offer a 3X data destruction service on site right on your doorstep. Guaranteed 100 Tons of Security To ensure efficiency, we implement a three-stage data destruction process to prevent critical data from leaving your facility.

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