Reverse Logistics


One of the main factors preventing manufacturers from complying with their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) guidelines and making their products easier to recycle is the logistics costs of collection, transportation, reuse, and responsible disposal. These costs are prohibitive because we operate extensively in India, provide customized return flow services, collect e-waste from customers’ doorsteps and deliver them directly to our facilities to simplify and solve manufacturers’ problems. Pick up within 96 hours of the pick-up schedule to ensure safe, reliable and responsible transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous e-waste through our channels.

Advanced Mechanism

We have created an advanced reverse logistics mechanism to safely transport all e-waste from customers to our factories through our strong local network, extensive influence and trading partners. We have our own fleet to avoid safety and efficiency. And sustainable disposal of e-waste.

24*7 Support

Our reverse logistics process provides Pan-India services, and we work with companies such as FedEx and Gati to serve our customers. To further simplify our operations, we provide customers with 24/7 call centre services to respond to related inquiries collect. Our top priority is to provide seamless and convenient customer service through electronic waste collection, on-site operations and final reports.

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