PRO Service for EPR


Our EPR guidelines solution

San Recyclers is an organizations to provide Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) services to help these manufacturers comply with their EPR guidelines. Pick up from your customers and ship to our factory responsible for recycling and disposal of your products. For further convenience, we provide manufacturers with required recycling certificates and a series of compliance documents that meet standards and regulatory guidelines

We firmly believe that the opportunities of the EPR Guidelines are sustainable and take into account the long-term benefits to the health of citizens, the environment and our future. The creation of a formal sector dedicated to the recycling of e-waste requires the use of modern technology.

Although the goal is to create such a system, electronic product manufacturers and manufacturers face implementation challenges because of the rapid generation of e-waste and the lack of infrastructure for collection and recycling. According to observations, manufacturers believe that e-waste recycling targets are high and impose severe penalties on violations. The manufacturer’s discomfort is obvious and unavoidable.

We collect e-waste from consumers, aggregators, informal sectors and other sources on behalf of manufacturers through a network of channels and transport it to our recycling facility in Meerut. The environmental and personal benefits of recycling e-waste to ensure that hazardous informal recycling is reduced and ultimately eradicated.

PRO Service For EPR

India has one of the fastest growing consumer markets for electronic products in the world, so these products also generate a high proportion of electronic waste at the end of their useful life. Environment, the Indian government introduced an extended producer responsibility in the regulations for the disposal of electronic waste in 2016.
These guidelines define the stated goal of products that manufacturers must ensure that they are recycled at the end of their useful life. Hence, large fines are imposed. The guidelines are intended to ensure that every design involved in the massive generation of e-waste takes steps to ensure its safe disposal at the end of its life and is then recycled by authorized recyclers.

Future Goals !!

We hope to contribute to India’s efficient e-waste recycling industry and set an example for developing countries around the world. To this end, we hope to support everyone, whether it is producers, producers, consumers, dismantling companies, or the informal sector, to make the contributions they want and become part of the system for a healthy and sustainable future.

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